In the beginning… Gen. 1:1

November 29, 2005

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (NASB)

I am not extremely well read but this is the best opening line ever written. A careful search through the first verse of the Bible can give us much insight into God and His creation.

First, notice that there is one beginning, “the beginning”. There are no reincarnations. There is no cycle of “big-bangs” where the universe constantly recreates itself. We are not left to guess what happened before the universe exploded into existence. There was a time when the universe (heavens and earth) did not exist.

When the universe did come into existence, it did not appear out of nothingness. It is not self-created (which is absurd to say the least). But there is ONE being who created everything else, God. The title for God that is used here is the Hebrew “Elohim”, the name of exceeding power and might – the omnipotent (all powerful). Further, the title given to God here is in plural form. From the very first verse there is a unity and diversity in God. As Holy Scripture continues, indeed before the book of Genesis ends, we are introduced to the three Persons of God. Some have argued against this point by saying there are many gods in view. They are then hard pressed to explain themselves when the subject of the sentence (God) is plural yet the verb of the sentence is singular.

We know the time. We have been introduced to the central and Holy Triune God. Now we are given proof of His power. The Almighty God brings the heavens and the earth into being, shaping and molding them. The vast and intricate has been created from nothing by God.

In the following verses God continues to reveal Himself as He humbly stoops down to one tiny planet that His name may be glorified…


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