More Frequency

October 16, 2006

Hello again all!

I am especially aware of the infrequency of my posts lately. I hope to improve that in the coming days and weeks. As I took inventory of my current schedule, I realized that I had some time to update and reflect a bit more often. The increase will take place mostly in the “Topics” category but I hope to work through others as well.

I have no sermons scheduled at this point.

I hope to get a few more posts up on “The Basics”. I believe this will help me, especially when needing to point someone to a quick summary of some aspect of Christian faith. I pray it will aid you as well.

I am also aware of my place so early in Genesis. I hope to press on to the end of chapter one before the year is out.

To add some depth, here is a site I use frequently to review the Christian spectrum of thought from a Biblical stance – Theopedia.

God bless you,


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