US Elections next Tuesday

November 1, 2006

I wanted to point out a general misgiving with political thought.

We are overwhelmed by scandal after scandal in our government. Our leaders are going to jail. Is there any reason to take heart after such crimes? Yes, in fact, very much. We still recognize their crimes as crimes!

Very often these crimes and criminals are paraded before us in order to persuade us that the opposing side is much more moral and worthy of leading our country. Is that true though?

Abortion and homosexuality are just two biblical crimes our country is currently battling. When we elect leaders for our country it is not known to us whether they will succumb to some scandal in the future. But when they openly admit that they plan to further the crimes of abortion and homosexuality, why should we elect them? If their plan was to steal money and molest children, would we elect them? No! Because we still recognize these as horrible crimes.

Some politicians are involved in criminal scandals. They should be caught and punished according to the law. But when the law refuses to recognize crime, we should not give our vote to those who not only refuse to recognize crime but also perpetuate it as part of their career.

We must continue to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, and not only to do so when it is popular (Romans 1:32).


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