A Form and Type of Love

November 20, 2006

When I was a child (1 Corinthians 13:11) I found a special love for the things/objects which my parents gifted to me out of their love and knowledge of me.

One particular memory I have was of one of the lunches my Mom packed for me. She had given me a devil dog (a sort of cake and icing roll treat). I don’t remember it as a normal object in my lunch. It was a gift of love, a surprise, something she knew I’d enjoy. A “friend” asked if he could have a bite. He shoved all but the crumbs into his mouth. I was crushed. I was devastated because of the violation of this gift of love from my Mom.

In like manner, this unique love, should be manifest in us for the gifts our heavenly Father has gifted to us out of His love. We should be loving others in this way, as gifts from God, a surprise in our lives to better us and conform us to the perfect image of His Son, our Lord Jesus. We should hurt when they are violated. We should run over with joy when they are exalted, even exalted above us. As they go astray we should plead, both in prayer and to them, that they may turn or return to the obedience of faith. Each of our blessing can be counted in this way, a gift of love from God to achieve a purpose in our lives, for our utmost good.

I have returned to this image of a lover and a gift of love many times. I drew a picture for my Mom at one point in which I expressed it. A boy and his mother stood staring into the sky, watching a balloon fade into the distance. The boy had tears in his eyes. The mother said, “That was not my love”. Though this gift of love, a balloon, was graciously given, it was not the actual love of the mother for her son. That love was untouchable, un-lose-able. In the same way, we have many gifts from God, many we will never appreciate fully and many that we will disdain to our utter humiliation and shame. But God is faithful. His gifts are not His love but expressions of His love. Though we disdain the, lose them, mar them, kill them, He is ready with the forgiveness, mercy, grace and love to return us to Him in power.

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