Psalm 136 – a series, 3

March 12, 2007

The link to Psalm 136 is here.

The second reflection is here.

I would again encourage you to read through Psalm 136 before reading the reflection below.

The next section of the Psalm is made up of verses 4 through 9. The Psalmist refers us to the “great wonders” of creation. Time is taken to point to the creation of heaven, earth, sun, moon and stars. God alone created these. By His understanding He accomplished them. We are given the office of the sun, moon and stars – to rule over the day and night. And yet why were these created? They were created “for His steadfast love endures forever”. Each was created as both testimony to and care of those who would be able to know His love. And who are they? They are the ones created in His image – you and I.

What caring and powerful hands we are in – the hands of the LORD God almighty! Even the great wonders of heaven and earth were created for us. They show us the love of God through His care and understanding even before Adam and Eve were created.


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