What does God think of the United States?

May 9, 2007

What does the Christian God, the only Living and true God, think of the United States?

Does Jesus Christ approve of the way our nation is acting?

I have not had any divine revelations. But I do know that God is not entirely pleased with the United States. I have been reviewing some of the material from Wall Builders, a ministry of David Barton. He brings up the good point that God, on judgment day, will not call nations to judgment but only individuals. This is something the founding fathers of the Unites States knew. They saw that throughout the Bible God punishes nations according to their current actions.

I was going to try to go back and recount a period of moral atrocities for which God is punishing us or will be punishing us. I could not find an adequate place to begin. When the media begins writing of “Extreme weather, fires befall nation” and starts the article with “Nature’s fury” then I am convinced that even those who do not believe are beginning to recognize the fury of the arm of God. Though, conveniently, they do not attribute it to Him. Why are we letting this happen to our nation? Isn’t now a good time to fall on our faces before Jesus Christ to beg forgiveness and seek matching orders?


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