How to tell if your church loves money more than Jesus…

October 10, 2008

Three steps…

1) Determine how Jesus would vote in an upcoming election. This is by far the most difficult step but still possible. The Bible is His revelation and speaks to all areas of life. So voting is in there, based on candidates who uphold justice (Romans 13).

2) Have the pastor preach on the evils and virtues of candidates and who the Bible is telling us to vote for.

3) Wait for someone to bring up the loss of the church’s tax-exempt status as a reason not to inform people of the Bible’s bearing on the voting booth.

You can determine three things from this actually: 1) need for more Bible study; 2) need for a more courageous pastor; 3) need to remove money (and any of its stanch advocates) as an obstacle to faith.

Example case: Obama is pro-abortion; McCain (though far from perfect) is anti-abortion and pro-life; the Bible is anti-abortion and pro-life. Vote McCain, if for no other reason than his standing on the most important issue facing the United States – the murder of unborn children.


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