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A Multi-cultural Christmas in Georgia

December 25, 2008

This Christmas I discovered personally that even our United States have a lot of cultural differences that need to be conquored in the name of Christ and worship of Him.

This year my Christmas Eve was 70 degrees. I’ve never had such a warm Christmas season in my memory. That also meant that there was no snow. I think that was also a first. Instead of two worship services (7:30 and 11pm) was a single service at 5pm. And instead of closing the service by singing “Silent Night” we sang “Happy Birthday to Jesus”.

It’s important to note that there was almost nothing wrong with these cultural changes in worship. They just take more concentration when worshipping to a suprise song of “Happy Birthday”. But our God is still the same and Jesus was met just as clearly without snow and jackets and late services and old hymns.

Hopefully God continues to teach us all how to worship and serve Him without being distracted by cultural traditions. Merry Christmas!


Newsweek – what your congregation is reading

December 9, 2008

I just read a great post by Dr. Mohler on “Turning the Bible on its Head — Newsweek Goes for Gay Marriage

Some of the great points he makes are

  1. the willingness of people to stand in judgment over the Bible (thus proving that they do not consider the Bible revelation from God but something they can decide upon)
  2. “It is not a thin extreme of fundamentalist Christians who stand opposed to same-sex marriage — it is the vast majority of Christian churches and denominations worldwide.” – She tries to divide Christians, making them think they are only a few, and a stupid few at that.
  3. Newsweek has positioned itself as a pro-homosexual publication which does not choose to publish opposing or balanced arguments (as one might imagine a news institution to do.

I hope you’re able to read both the Newsweek article and Dr. Mohler’s article to confront those who may begin to doubt their faith and their Bible because of such anti-Christian articles.


Brief look: Salvation by Education? Or Awareness?

December 3, 2008

I’m between two finals right now. The first went well and I’m hopeful about the second. But I wanted to write briefly about two strange forms of salvation – by education and by awareness.

There are a lot of programs out now to assist the “lower class” by educating them. There is also a trend toward everyone needing to go to college. But is the problem a lack of education?

Another trend is “awareness”. Every disease, it seems, has a walk or 5k run or special day to “raise awareness”. But is the problem a lack of awareness?

We don’t admit it as much as we should but our hearts are the problem. We are fallen people in Adam. And because of that our hearts are corrupt. We’re evil and the admission can hardly make it past our lips.

So, of course, salvation from our evil hearts is not by educating them (educated evil people?) or by awareness (evil people that are more aware of the effects of evil?) but by Jesus Christ, who saves us from our own evil and sinful lives.